Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am going to vote

Though I have become disillusioned by this need to vote because it is really pointless, I have decided that I am going to vote. As I said in one of my earlier posts the only party that appealed to my senses was the PAC but given the history of their infighting it will be pointless to vote for them.

I have always voted AZAPO since I was allowed the franchise but they have since morphed into a mini ANC. The leadership of AZAPO does not inspire any confidence. One thing for sure is that they will not be getting my vote this time. I am also sure that I will not vote ANC, their arrogance knows no bounds and statements by Zuma should get everybody worried. I will definitely not vote DA, it has never crossed my mind and I will never vote for a white party. I will not vote ID, except for the Arms deal investigation they really have nothing to offer. I will not vote IFP and all these other parties. I will not be COPING as well.

A party I am likely to vote for is the UDM. Not because they have anything to offer but because I have to vote for someone at the end of the day. Bantu Holomisa is the most honest politician in the country in my view and that is the only reason that I have considered his party. I have listened to him since his days as the General in the Transkei through his tenure in the ANC up until now. If you want an honest opinion from a politician, Bantu Holomisa is a man you can go to. His opinions on the arms deal, Zimbabwe, the ANC, on anything has been honest.

I honestly do not see the need to vote because this is just a hype that will die after a few weeks and we will be back to politicians being politicians, trying to outdo each other to line their pockets. Some will create laws to do it while others will have no regard for the law. After every 5 years politicians suddenly remember that they need our votes in order to fatten themselves on our taxes. Have you seen how obese they have become since getting into power. It is tiring to be voting fodder.

Being an aspirant anarchist this is probably the last time I will vote. There is a need for a vibrant movement in this country and I will dedicate my cause to this for the next few years.


  1. Good on you Moremogolo for participating in the elections. I too am going to vote and I too will not be voting for the ANC - I am still considering who to waste my vote on.

  2. Seeing that nothing inspires Holomisa, you and him propably deserve each other. I am voting AZAPO. Mosibudi Mangena is honest, has intergrity, is incoruptible. What more can you ask for. I am not voting for a puppet of the homeland system. chris

  3. Ja I rather like Mangena myself :)

    But I think I will be ACDPing nationally & COPEing provincially. Maybe, just maybe, I will be DAing provincially. I don't much like them generally, but they are a capable bunch. And when I actually read part of what they stand for today, I found that some of it I really agree with. Hmmm. I will make my final decision tonight!

    But hooray that you are going to vote :)
    Have fun at the polls!