Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mundane Observations - only in SA

  • If you want to make a quick buck and in the process get a golden handshake, become the CEO of SAA. Just ask Ncqula, Viljoen, and Andrews how it is done.
  • You can also run a healthy organisation into billions of debt, get a golden handshake for your efforts and still fight for reinstatement in court, ask Dali Mpofu how do to it.
  • You can divert funds that have been earmarked for provision of water for a trip of 14 kids to Brazil worth a million and when they ask why you can tell them that we have had good rains recently, ask the Mayor of a rural Ngaka Modiri Molema in Mafikeng how to succeed at that.
  • Jacob Zuma has been saying that the our laws are soft criminals and they must begin to bite. I thought you were only a criminal once it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law....hhmmm...wonder who he was referring to, definitely not Shabir Shaik and definitely not himself. Is he referring to those accused persons out on bail or in jail. he needs to be clear
  • Send a crook to catch a crook, just ask the NPA on the Selebi saga. Shouldn't they ask Zuma as state witness to catch bigger fish. After all they have learnt a lot from the Selebi matter. It has always been said that Zuma is a small fish.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anarchy - a compeling choice

I have read a bit of the Batswana history and an interesting fact is that they have never had a paramount Chief like your Moshoeshoe or Shaka. This was borne out of a fact that since they were nomadic they preferred to have loose relations and they would change their allegiance to leaders depending on their needs at a particular time. Batswana were slave traders and chieftainship arose out of people owning slaves and fights over slave trade. Slaves would be freed and they would group themselves into a tribe but these would disintegrate or get assimilated into other groupings depending on what interests the group wanted to protect. In short there were no rigid governing authorities, a group of individuals could move away from a certain authority and from their own authority. Batswana are the people who are least dogmatic about their culture.

Now what does this have to do with the topic above. I believe Batswana practiced some form of anarchy before the majority pledged their allegiance to the Queen during the wars of conquest. Because of their loose alliance practice you will find Batswana in most of the SADEC countries, though they go by different names. Here in South Africa you will find them scattered in all the provinces.

Anarchy is derived from the Greek word "anarchos", which means without rulers. Anarchist believe that the state as compulsory government is unnecessary, undesirable and harmful. Anarchist are diverse in their outlook and you have to choose which strand you identify with best. I have not delved much in which kind of anarchism I am comfortable with but this from of government is becoming more appealing to me.

Anarchy is becoming more appealing to me because indeed the state and its monopolies does not have the interest of the masses at heart besides control and exploitation. Morden states have committed a lot of attrocities in the name of national security and self determination. One has to look at the behaviour of countries like America, Israel, Russia to see how many people have been made to suffer under the banner of homeland security.

Here in South Africa apartheid is a prime example of how the state can be used to subjugate other groupings. The end of apartheid has also seen the emergence of a democratic state where people have become even poorer. Corruption and cronyism is becoming much more entrenched. Our country is facing banananisation and every day comes with new examples of how state structures are used to benefit a few. Prime example is how the state has dealt with the scorpoins, the travelgate scandal, Shabir Shaik, Tony Yengeni, corruption within municipalities, the prison department, the land bank and so forth. There are so many examples of the subversion of the rule of law by the state in pursuit of partisan interests. In the end one has to ask whether it was really worth it.

The opposition parties do not offer any alternatives from what the ruling party is offering. Elsewhere in the world we are seeing the adoption of communist tendencies by the state in order to bail out the rich and the monopolies that are struggling as a result of their collapse. These tendencies are meant to benefit the rich only, however.

I am getting more attracted to the idea of a stateless society, where people will rely on their inherent goodness to conduct relations. There is a lot of goodness in this world but the existence of a state has corrupted this goodness.

Friday, March 20, 2009

"'Twas the best of times, 'twas the worst of times"

I can't remember who uttered these words but they were said by a prominent writer I believe? Charles Dickens perhaps? Anyway that is how I can sum up the last few weeks of my existence.

I lost my father after a very short illness and this came as a blow. Seeing him lying helpless in a hospital bed left one feeling empty and gutted because he has never been a sickly person. One day it was a routine check up, one day he needed to be operated on urgently, one day he was too fragile to be operated and the other day he was gone. Very jolly person, who was content with the world and who lived for his family, my father. I was part of the delegation that went to dress him before the burial rituals and that experience is forever imprinted in my mind. Having to deal with my mother throughout the whole process was difficult and heart breaking. But I've known her to be a strong person. It is an experience one is never prepared for and words can never be enough to express the emotions.

During this time I had already taken a conscious decision that I was leaving my cushy job and was going to do my articles in order to be admitted as an attorney. It was a huge decision taken after many years of contemplation. Part of the decision involved relocating and leaving my family behind in order to pursue this dream of mine. It is heartening to know that there is a lot of support from family and friends and one will not be left in a lurch.

I have had to give up all the privileges that comes up with being in management and have gone back to using my old laptop that in my opinion belongs in a dustbin. For the past two weeks or so I could not access my emails and the Internet because of an unidentifiable problem with this dinosaur of mine. I have been advised not to do automatic updates because it seems that every time I do that then my access to the Internet is gone. Am I going to lose all my information once it crashes? I believe it is a matter of time.

In all this madness I have also registered with the Law Society and Unisa to do my Practical Legal Training through distance education and am also finishing my masters with UWC. I have already missed a number of deadlines for assignments, research proposal and so forth. My life is a right mess. So begins my life of being a student in the true sense of the word. I will conquer though, I will make it.

And in the meantime life has been happening, the elections, the never ending Zuma saga, the world cup and the world economy, and oh!, there is still that debate between me and Laura on education that I still have to respond to. I think it is a debate we need to take further.

In the meantime I enjoyed reading all my favourite blogs although I was not in a position to add tlhware logonyana....lets continue blogging!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Am still here

The past four weeks or so have been very hectic and major things have happened in my life. Things are still hectic and it is going to take some teeny bit of time for them to settle down. In good time I will tell you what has been up with me over the period I have been away from this infant of mine called Tlhware logonyana.

The politics of the day get interesting by the hour and there is sure a whole lot that I want to say. But I am here and we will get to interact soon.