Monday, February 16, 2009

Now who do you Believe

Rhema Church and their spokespeople! Now Vusi Mona (remember he was exposed as a pathetic liar at one of those many commissions of enquiry that was instituted by government) tells us that Mr. Niehaus is liar and he does not owe Rhema a cent. Who do you believe? The church or disgraced high flier. For now I will believe Mr. Niehaus until Rhema produces proof to the contrary. My sentiment is that Rhema are liars and they are pathetic at it. They should just have kept quite or they should have taken a stance that they do not address affairs between the church and its employees in public. Believe you me when it comes to money Rhema is ruthless and it will hunt you down until they get the last cent you owe them.

Many people and mostly white people on the comment pages of newspapers have commended Mr. Niehaus for his courage of coming out and confessing to his misdeeds. Now before I get accused of bringing race into a purely political issue I will urge you to go read up on the comments of readers of news 24, electronic M&G and other Internet publications. And while still there read up any story on the government or the ANC and the comments that follow to find out how racist the readers of news 24 are. Mr. Niehaus did not confess, he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar and the only way out was to cry that it was all because of a woman.

Oh! and it turns out that Mr. Niehaus lied about having a guilty conscience and approaching Mr. Mashatile about forging his signature. Turns out that he was found out and shown the door. So much for a remorseful person. Now Mantashe has counselled us not to kick a man when he is down. I believe that we need to kick Mr. Niehaus as hard and as long as possible while he is still down in order to make an example that corruption will not be tolerated at all.

He is a priest and if he needs to be humbled he needs to be redeployed to go live in one of the hundreds of squatter settlements that are prevalent in South Africa without the prospect of receiving a job or a salary until he learns what poverty is and he stops paying lip service to poverty. That he has a sharp mind should not be used to shelter him. But maybe this is not such a good idea because being such a smooth talker he will rob the poor of the little that they have.

Now we have Mr. Reddy who goes out bailing out all the cadres who have fallen on hard times because it is in his nature. Man! the man must be having a very deep pocket because there are countless cadres who have fallen on hard times since they came back from exile or since the new dispensation. And man! there's so much poverty in KwaZulu Natal. It would be interesting to find out how the compassionate Mr. Reddy is addressing these issues.

I bet you we have not heard the last of the entrepreneurial Mr. Niehaus, his intelligent mind knows no bounds. I am looking forward to tomorrow's headlines.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nee Fok, dis al kak

Have you ever felt how enlightening it is when suddenly something makes sense to you. Well, I had that feeling after reading Carl Niehaus' story in the Mail and Guardian. We all know by know that the man is a crook who leaves mayhem wherever he goes, a smooth talker par excellence, legwaragwara (in Setswana). I think he has also perfected the art of feeling sorry for himself. This morning we wake up to more revelations of the mayhem he is sowing all around.

Anyway, it dawn on me why this man hates Thabo Mbeki so much. This Man was a South African Ambassador in the Netherlands and he was recalled or fired by Mbeki (mind you it was very rare for Mbeki to fire his subordinates, no matter how incompetent). Since Polokwane he has been consistently writing opinion pieces in newspapers casting aspersion on the personality of Thabo Mbeki. The man has been relentless in his attack of Mbeki and you how elitist he is. And yes at the same time he was this ardent praise singer for anything Zuma.

Turns out that this man was recalled by the Chief because he is a common crook who can even take companies like Deloitte and Touche for a ride, the smooth talker that he is. Interestingly the ANC goes out and hire him with the full knowledge of his sordid past (it's present actually, he continues to cry crocodile tears while reaping off whoever he comes across).

Now interestingly, that worst Secretary General in the history of the ANC, that one of counter revolutionary mutterings, says that they will assist a cadre who is down and out. Carl Niehaus down and out? When he continues to live in a house the rent of which is R45 000 a month? For a moment i thought he was talking about the MK veterans who are languishing in the townships stripped of their humanity by the ANC. For a moment I thought he was talking about children and parents who are in abject poverty as a result of their children dying in exile or at the hands of the security forces. Hell, no, he is talking about a fat cat who does not know what poverty is. A fat cat who pays lip service to addressing the plight of the poor....makes me wanna puke....ek wil kots!!....And the fat cat blames all his corruption and lavish spending on the charms of a woman...ek wil kots!!

That the ANC can harbour criminals and appoint them to be spokespeople for leaders who have been accused of corruption shows how low the ANC has sunk in their morality.

I cannot write clearly because I am deeply disgusted....ek wil kots. If you were on the fence about voting ANC, surely this saga has assisted you in making your decision clearer. I will return to this topic with clearer emotions though. In the meantime ek gaan kots.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Vote is up for Grabs

It is a silly season as far as manifestos go and it is also a period where people are being taken for ride. Here are my minimum demands for the party that needs my vote:

1. Free education. And free education here does not mean the kind of education that our students receive in the townships. Free public education should become the envy of all and there should be minimum standards for a well resourced school. education should become the pride of the nation Teachers should be well remunerated and well trained. And schools should be well resourced and if parents want to contribute to the resourcefulness of the school they should be allowed to do so. Tertiary education should also be free or at least every student who meets the minimum requirements of getting tertiary education should be assured of a study loan and there should be bursaries for top students.

2. Free Health care. Being healthy should not depend on how fat your bank balance is at payday. Every hobo should be able to go to any doctor or hospital of his choice to receive quality health care. We should not be at the mercy of medical aid companies who are making millions on a daily basis but are giving us with appalling service.

Imagine a situation where as a parent you know that your taxes are going towards paying for your kid’s education and towards their health care. It is my belief that once these two basic rights are taken care of then we have better things to worry about. Quality health care and quality education should not be for the rich.

3. Creation of a Ministry to deal with rural development issues. The departments of Land Affairs and Agriculture have failed in the last 15 years in the implementation of land reform and this is largely as a result of their divergent policies. A single ministry of Rural Development which will cater for the needs of subsistence farmers, small scale farmers and commercial farmers should be created. This ministry should also play a significant role in the formulation of development plans of local authorities. It will be a cross cutting ministry that will not only focus on agriculture but also on other development issues like access services for rural areas.

4. Abolishment of provinces. Resources should be diverted to local government as it is the part of government that interfaces with people on the ground. Provinces should just be administrative bodies with regional administrators being the interface between national government and local government. In this way it would be easy for national government to intervene in provinces like the Eastern Cape where there has been no delivery over the past 15 years and the fights we are witnessing in the Western Cape between parties would be a thing of the past. There will also be a huge cut in the bureaucratic red tape we are currently seeing with these layers and layers of government.

5. Streamlining the public service for effective service delivery. Public servants should be answerable to parliament and not politicians. They should be able to tell a politician that “sir, what you are asking for cannot be done unless you change the legislation”. The mandate of public servants should therefore derive from parliament and only parliament should rubber stamp the removal or swapping of senior civil servants (more like what is currently happening with the NPA saga where parliament has the last say on whether Vusi Pikoli should be fired or not-mind you the ANC will not always enjoy the majority it is currently enjoying and parliament will be a real watch dog for the interests of the people). The saga of the swapping of the DG’s of Correctional Services and Sports will also not have happened

The only party that comes close to meeting my minimum demands is the PAC. Their election manifesto comes close on the issue of education, creation of the ministry of rural development and the abolishment of provinces. But am I willing to waste my vote and vote for a party that cannot get its house in order? That is a real tough question….The other party that comes close is AZAPO as far as the abolishing of provinces is concerned. Do I also want to vote for a party which a week after launching its election manifesto it is not available. I have requested them directly to send me their manifesto but they are still looking into it. The issue on provinces I heard from news clippings, one is yet to see their manifesto. And AZAPO in my view is slowly morphing into the ANC and very soon it will be difficult to notice the difference.

The ANC, COPE, DA, UDM have very similar manifestos with the only difference being emphasis on one issue over the other. In my view they are not bringing anything new to the table and I do not see myself voting for them. Theirs is a song that has been sung over the past 15 years and in my view their policies benefit the elite in society.

So this leaves me with a very difficult choice to make….do I vote for either AZAPO or the PAC, two parties who have shown their ineffectiveness over the years and who have not used their presence in parliament to any good effect or do I go for one of those parties who are singing the same song but would have us believe that theirs is a different song. Or do I go the third option and not vote at all. Maybe I should vote UDM because Bantu seems the most honest politician of the lot…..hhhhmmm...decision, decision…..MY VOTE IS UP FOR GRABS, ANYONE….