Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dullness of Radio

Radio in South Africa has become boring and even more boring. Except for a few shows here and there on different radio stations there is nothing much on offer. Radio could be used as an escape from the terrible programmes and repeats that are offered on TV but there is nowhere to run to anymore. All you get is loudmouthed presenters with no substance at all.

A considerable number of months back I stumbled into a newly revamped Radio 2000. Besides keeping me up to date on my addiction, which is sport, they played all kinds of music across the board and their shows were vibey. It was love at first listen. The presenters and their pairing was refreshing and out of this world. I know that there are those who lamented the passing away of the old Radio 2000, but I felt that they were just stuck in the old South Africa, which is none of my concern. The chemistry between the presenters was something fresh and engrossing. But alas, the powers that be at that radio station have decided to change the line up.

The first I got wind of it was listening to KG Moeketsi and Ernest Pillay. That show is so dull. Well granted I listened to it once and that was it, couldn't stomach it and switched off my radio. The worst show ever must be Bertha Charuma and Kenny Niemach, my goodness, what were they thinking giving Niemach a show, was it because of his good looks or knowledge for soccer (which is the only thing he is clued up about in my opinion).

I have since stopped listening to radio. Maybe it is also because my jalopy doesn't have one since someone decided to take it twice without my permission.

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  1. O a reng monna? Kenny Niemach on radio? No wonder some people are crying for the old Radio 2000. Man, do you remember when you could get all the simulcasts of those programmes that were dubbed into afrikaans. I wonder how KG feels, sharing such specialised space with Niemach. Anyways such is the nature of things in SA that is why news is not the business of journalist on SABC TV but that of models and talking heads. O tlhole sentle monna, go jang go nna lekgoba?