Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am going to vote

Though I have become disillusioned by this need to vote because it is really pointless, I have decided that I am going to vote. As I said in one of my earlier posts the only party that appealed to my senses was the PAC but given the history of their infighting it will be pointless to vote for them.

I have always voted AZAPO since I was allowed the franchise but they have since morphed into a mini ANC. The leadership of AZAPO does not inspire any confidence. One thing for sure is that they will not be getting my vote this time. I am also sure that I will not vote ANC, their arrogance knows no bounds and statements by Zuma should get everybody worried. I will definitely not vote DA, it has never crossed my mind and I will never vote for a white party. I will not vote ID, except for the Arms deal investigation they really have nothing to offer. I will not vote IFP and all these other parties. I will not be COPING as well.

A party I am likely to vote for is the UDM. Not because they have anything to offer but because I have to vote for someone at the end of the day. Bantu Holomisa is the most honest politician in the country in my view and that is the only reason that I have considered his party. I have listened to him since his days as the General in the Transkei through his tenure in the ANC up until now. If you want an honest opinion from a politician, Bantu Holomisa is a man you can go to. His opinions on the arms deal, Zimbabwe, the ANC, on anything has been honest.

I honestly do not see the need to vote because this is just a hype that will die after a few weeks and we will be back to politicians being politicians, trying to outdo each other to line their pockets. Some will create laws to do it while others will have no regard for the law. After every 5 years politicians suddenly remember that they need our votes in order to fatten themselves on our taxes. Have you seen how obese they have become since getting into power. It is tiring to be voting fodder.

Being an aspirant anarchist this is probably the last time I will vote. There is a need for a vibrant movement in this country and I will dedicate my cause to this for the next few years.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Things to look out for

  • I Recently watched an Afrikaans movie, Poena is koning, and it is a laugh a minute comedy about Afrikanerdom and their place in this liberal country. It examines topics like Afrikaner conservatism and sexuality, homophobia, racism and many more. And there is that Afrikaans rap song, Leeuloop, which I think is cool.

  • There is a very important documentary about health care in Cuba and the world and how the Cubans contribute towards better health care for all in the world. The film is called Salud! and it is a must watch. What strikes me about the film is this entrenched phenomenon in South Africa of accumulation of wealth at all costs. There is an interview with Dr. Kgosi Letlape who uttered the famous Smuts Ngonyama words, "I did not go to university to be poor". It also compares the Cuban health system to the rest of the world and it is a must see.

  • While still on Salud you must also read Fidel Castro's autobiography, it is also riveting reading. Even if you detest him you get to hear his point of view. And there is also another documentary called "Cuba: The African Odyssey" about the role of Cuba and Che Guevara in the liberation of Africa from colonisation.

  • If you are a religious person visit Kara Heritage Institute on the role of Africa on things religious and cosmological. Interesting reading. It is an institute that was created by Dr. Mathole Motshekga, former premier of Gauteng, and it is also a must read.

  • Also check out a compilation on Steve Biko called "Biko Lives: Contesting the Legacies of Steve Biko" edited by Andile Mngxitama, Amanda Alexandra and Nigel Gibson. Read an interview that was done with Biko just before he was killed and you will realise that South Africa lost a giant in the mold of Sartre and Frantz Fanon. He was a philosopher of immense intellect.

Now that I have promoted material for these few people I must go and claim my share. After all the culture in South Africa is to get rich by all means. I'm off to write an invoice....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dullness of Radio

Radio in South Africa has become boring and even more boring. Except for a few shows here and there on different radio stations there is nothing much on offer. Radio could be used as an escape from the terrible programmes and repeats that are offered on TV but there is nowhere to run to anymore. All you get is loudmouthed presenters with no substance at all.

A considerable number of months back I stumbled into a newly revamped Radio 2000. Besides keeping me up to date on my addiction, which is sport, they played all kinds of music across the board and their shows were vibey. It was love at first listen. The presenters and their pairing was refreshing and out of this world. I know that there are those who lamented the passing away of the old Radio 2000, but I felt that they were just stuck in the old South Africa, which is none of my concern. The chemistry between the presenters was something fresh and engrossing. But alas, the powers that be at that radio station have decided to change the line up.

The first I got wind of it was listening to KG Moeketsi and Ernest Pillay. That show is so dull. Well granted I listened to it once and that was it, couldn't stomach it and switched off my radio. The worst show ever must be Bertha Charuma and Kenny Niemach, my goodness, what were they thinking giving Niemach a show, was it because of his good looks or knowledge for soccer (which is the only thing he is clued up about in my opinion).

I have since stopped listening to radio. Maybe it is also because my jalopy doesn't have one since someone decided to take it twice without my permission.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our President needs parental supervision

I have come to the inescapable conclusion that our president in waiting, Jacob Zuma, has no appreciation of how the law works. This is borne out of the many utterances he has made about constitutionalism, the fight against crime and conspiracies abound.

He has recently stated that the Constitutional Court judges think that they are god and they need to be engaged. He has said that they cannot have as much power as they have now. He has also said that the power of the Judicial Services Commission needs to be checked. Reading this I got very scared that our president in waiting can be so blase' about things that goes to the heart of our constitution. He has said that he is unlikely to appoint Dikgang Moseneke, the current Deputy Chief Justice, because he has said unsavoury things about the ANC. Moseneke is reported to have said at a private party that he does not serve the ANC but serves the country. What is unsavoury about that I don't know.

Poor old Jessie Duarte has had to come to the President in waiting's rescue to explain what he meant by these statements (as has become the norm). It has become a full time job for the ANC to manage Jacob Zuma and his embarrassing utterances. Carl Niehaus was good at it. This started with that infamous and embarrassing interview with some British journalist who asked whether Jacob Zuma was a crook and he gave out that laugh that Thabo Mbeki apparently dislikes and said that he will have to look the word up in the dictionary.

He has said that the Constitutional Court outlawed capital punishment and this needs to be revisited while it was the ANC that vehemently pushed for the removal of the death penalty. He has said that he saw nothing wrong with his involvement with Shabir Shaik. He has said that the laws of the country are soft on crime and they need to bite. How soft they are he could not say.

Clearly our president in waiting needs to be managed tightly and he should never be allowed to give of the cuff interviews, he can be rather embarrassing by his lack of appreciation of things legal. He must always read from prepared notes and questions from journalists should be vetted first.

Unless all his embarrassing utterances are what the ANC is about. If that is the case be very, very afraid because Jacob Zuma would take out his whip ala' Jesus and whip all those who have been bad to the ANC church.