Monday, February 16, 2009

Now who do you Believe

Rhema Church and their spokespeople! Now Vusi Mona (remember he was exposed as a pathetic liar at one of those many commissions of enquiry that was instituted by government) tells us that Mr. Niehaus is liar and he does not owe Rhema a cent. Who do you believe? The church or disgraced high flier. For now I will believe Mr. Niehaus until Rhema produces proof to the contrary. My sentiment is that Rhema are liars and they are pathetic at it. They should just have kept quite or they should have taken a stance that they do not address affairs between the church and its employees in public. Believe you me when it comes to money Rhema is ruthless and it will hunt you down until they get the last cent you owe them.

Many people and mostly white people on the comment pages of newspapers have commended Mr. Niehaus for his courage of coming out and confessing to his misdeeds. Now before I get accused of bringing race into a purely political issue I will urge you to go read up on the comments of readers of news 24, electronic M&G and other Internet publications. And while still there read up any story on the government or the ANC and the comments that follow to find out how racist the readers of news 24 are. Mr. Niehaus did not confess, he was caught with his hands in the cookie jar and the only way out was to cry that it was all because of a woman.

Oh! and it turns out that Mr. Niehaus lied about having a guilty conscience and approaching Mr. Mashatile about forging his signature. Turns out that he was found out and shown the door. So much for a remorseful person. Now Mantashe has counselled us not to kick a man when he is down. I believe that we need to kick Mr. Niehaus as hard and as long as possible while he is still down in order to make an example that corruption will not be tolerated at all.

He is a priest and if he needs to be humbled he needs to be redeployed to go live in one of the hundreds of squatter settlements that are prevalent in South Africa without the prospect of receiving a job or a salary until he learns what poverty is and he stops paying lip service to poverty. That he has a sharp mind should not be used to shelter him. But maybe this is not such a good idea because being such a smooth talker he will rob the poor of the little that they have.

Now we have Mr. Reddy who goes out bailing out all the cadres who have fallen on hard times because it is in his nature. Man! the man must be having a very deep pocket because there are countless cadres who have fallen on hard times since they came back from exile or since the new dispensation. And man! there's so much poverty in KwaZulu Natal. It would be interesting to find out how the compassionate Mr. Reddy is addressing these issues.

I bet you we have not heard the last of the entrepreneurial Mr. Niehaus, his intelligent mind knows no bounds. I am looking forward to tomorrow's headlines.


  1. I was feeling pretty angry about Mr Niehaus. Then today I read this:
    and I read about Mr Reddy bailing the guy out.

    And I thought, gosh, I'm not being very forgiving. And although he may not have confessed entirely freely, he did confess. Which is more than we can say for most of our leaders - usually they duck and dive and try justify themselves or cover themselves up or blame the media.

    (In fact, the only other time I remember a politician immediately owning up to something was this incident: )

    And I was shamed a bit by Mr Reddy's willingness to help him out. I don't think that is a bad thing.

    But I still think if is horrifying that the ANC hired him, and that his previous employer covered up for him. Of course we should show compassion to people in their weaknesses, but that doesn't mean condoning what they do.

  2. Carl Niehaus did not confess, he was caught with irrefutable proof of which he had no chioce but to admit. It is becoming clear that he only admitted to the evidence that they could show him.

    I am not in a forgiving mood and I do not see how I can feel sorry for a person who disrupts the lives of people he comes accross, even though the amounts he swindles them of will not make a difference to their bank accounts. Now it comes out that he even lied about his qualifications.

    What makes me angry is that the guy potrayed himself and his comrades as the champions of the poor. Now his is an example of the poor being taken for a ride and unfortunately he and his comrades will get away with it