Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nee Fok, dis al kak

Have you ever felt how enlightening it is when suddenly something makes sense to you. Well, I had that feeling after reading Carl Niehaus' story in the Mail and Guardian. We all know by know that the man is a crook who leaves mayhem wherever he goes, a smooth talker par excellence, legwaragwara (in Setswana). I think he has also perfected the art of feeling sorry for himself. This morning we wake up to more revelations of the mayhem he is sowing all around.

Anyway, it dawn on me why this man hates Thabo Mbeki so much. This Man was a South African Ambassador in the Netherlands and he was recalled or fired by Mbeki (mind you it was very rare for Mbeki to fire his subordinates, no matter how incompetent). Since Polokwane he has been consistently writing opinion pieces in newspapers casting aspersion on the personality of Thabo Mbeki. The man has been relentless in his attack of Mbeki and you how elitist he is. And yes at the same time he was this ardent praise singer for anything Zuma.

Turns out that this man was recalled by the Chief because he is a common crook who can even take companies like Deloitte and Touche for a ride, the smooth talker that he is. Interestingly the ANC goes out and hire him with the full knowledge of his sordid past (it's present actually, he continues to cry crocodile tears while reaping off whoever he comes across).

Now interestingly, that worst Secretary General in the history of the ANC, that one of counter revolutionary mutterings, says that they will assist a cadre who is down and out. Carl Niehaus down and out? When he continues to live in a house the rent of which is R45 000 a month? For a moment i thought he was talking about the MK veterans who are languishing in the townships stripped of their humanity by the ANC. For a moment I thought he was talking about children and parents who are in abject poverty as a result of their children dying in exile or at the hands of the security forces. Hell, no, he is talking about a fat cat who does not know what poverty is. A fat cat who pays lip service to addressing the plight of the poor....makes me wanna puke....ek wil kots!!....And the fat cat blames all his corruption and lavish spending on the charms of a woman...ek wil kots!!

That the ANC can harbour criminals and appoint them to be spokespeople for leaders who have been accused of corruption shows how low the ANC has sunk in their morality.

I cannot write clearly because I am deeply disgusted....ek wil kots. If you were on the fence about voting ANC, surely this saga has assisted you in making your decision clearer. I will return to this topic with clearer emotions though. In the meantime ek gaan kots.


  1. It boggles my mind...
    Why on earth did the ANC hire him??

    I was just reading an article about it where it said:
    "The reason he was never criminally charged for the forgery [at GEDA] was because there were concerns about how a dismissal from the senior post on the grounds of corruption and an investigation would damage his future job prospects, the official said."

    WHAT??? So they just totally covered up for him. Terrible.

  2. Moremogolo, I appreciate your disgust. I agree with your sentiments but for different reasons. Will you revisit your post on free education after Laura's post on the same subject?

  3. Yes I definately will. It would be interesting to hear what your views are on the matter. I am still going to write something on it again. I think this is too important a matter.

  4. I do not agree with denying children an education on the basis that they cannot afford to pay school fees. I also do not agree that because education is free, it must be inferior. The performance of the government in relation to other free services also indicate that education may well be prejudiced. It is a tough issue. I believe that communities must come up with a working model where we all contribute to the education of our children in line with our abilities. This is a matter that will take careful consideration yet we don't as with a lot of issues, do not have the time . . .

  5. I'm interested to see what R45000pm house actually looks like

  6. ^ I know. I often wonder what people do with that kind of money...

  7. I could think of a few ways of puttin that money while I continued renting my R3200 bachelor!!!

    So how much does he take home every month if he that much for a house???

  8. putting that money into good use.... I meant to say!!!

  9. Looks like he didn't take much home because he could not even afford the place....