Friday, January 30, 2009

Traffic fines

I just paid my long outstanding traffic fines because they were reduced by 50% and tomorrow (31 Jan) is the last day for this reduced offer. Their website has been busy since morning and it is only late in the aafternoon that I managed to get through. How clever of them to bleed us dry. some of the tickets were on the verge of expiring. They must have made a killing collecting all that revenue from tickets.

And then there are these guys from the Traffic department in a a godforsaken place called Warrenton in the Northern Cape who keep on bothering me to pay a speeding ticket I got in 2005. I don't even remember being there. I told them that as far as I am concerned that ticket should have expired and they told me that prescription is 30 years....I must go read up on the Road Traffic Act.

Damn! they bled me dry these cops.....

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