Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Going for the jugular

South Africa finally got the monkey off their back by beating Australia in their own backyard since the all conquering West Indies completed the feat in the early 1990s. We have now beaten England on their home soil and there has also been significant victories on the Indian subcontinent. Are we world beaters? It is too early to tell. We have on more than one occasion flattered to deceive. With that feeble South African mentality I was talking about some people are hailing this one of the greatest side....wishful thinking I say. There is still a lot we have to do in order to match Australia or that 90s West Indies side in this regard.

In my view we should have gone for the jugular against Australia and thrashed them 3-0. I watched the last three history making overs this morning and we just didn't have that mental edge to outdo the hapless Australians. In my view this is the weakest Australia has been and knowing their resolve this situation will not happen in a long time. Maybe we celebrated too much, maybe all the intensity was not at all there but I believe it is something that has to be interrogated and a solution be found on how when the situation presents itself we should be ruthless. England, the West Indies, the Sri Lankas have on a number of occasions escaped when we had them by the throat.

I wish our soccer playing stars were watching what a bit of self belief can do. They are way behind in terms of mental strength when it comes to Cricket and Rugby even though you can count the countries that play these two sports competitively in one hand.

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