Thursday, December 18, 2008

Talking - that overrated phenomenon

It is a pleasure to indeed at last pluck up the courage and decide to join a multitude of people who have found a way to express their views at the comfort of their keyboards. Apparently it is therapeutic....we will find out.

A lot is happening in our country and everybody has an opinion on what it is that is going on in this beautiful land of ours. I have opinions too and you will get to hear about them here. hopefully some of them will get you hot under the collar. You will be allowed to do what we South Africans do best, call me names, maybe I will be famous one day. This is a beautiful dream don't you think, people reading your blog and responding with all manner of insults. After all we have been led to believe that South Africans (of the darker hue, of course) don't read and they don't think.

This blog has been inspired primarily by my good friend MoAfrika (I don't know whether i got the spelling right: South Africans don't care anyway how the misspell our names) and lots of e-mail debates that I have had with friends and family over a long period of time. To all of you I say thank you because I know that if nobody reads this at least you will and you will sooth my ego and tell me how well I write.

There will be grammatical and typing errors but these will become less as we plod along. And ke Motswana tlhe bathong, sekgoa se se na le go tshabela ko se tswang teng. Those wo do not understand what i just wrote can write in and complain and their complaints will be duly addressed.

Let me curb my excitement and stop here. We will get to talk some more as there are many things I want to write about. I welcome myself to this world and welcome you all to these exciting times.


  1. Ntate,
    Looking forward to your topics....
    They are bound to be interesting, I cant Wait.

    Well done on the site.


  2. No, I'm glad you have taken this step and me following the hot topics we at times have with the gents in our forum, I'm looking forward to a larger interaction from the South Africans. One topic which is dear to my heart which you can entertain in the future is the state of our health. Still very much inspired by that DVD Salute'. Great.

  3. Moremogolo, welcome to blogland, I wish you a very long and inspiring and pleasant stay. I must caution that it will sometimes be less glamorous as it may initially seem but I know you to have great stamina.

  4. Thanks everybody. I sure intend to keep this going and hope that there will be boundless energy to write